Olympic Champion

Balance Expert

Leader in Success



Carly captured the heart of the nation when she won the All Around Gold Medal in Women’s Gymnastics at the 2004 Olympics. She was the first American woman to win the title in 20 years, also taking home silver medals for balance beam, and the Women’s team competition.


She was also the first woman ever to win the All Around Gold Medal in Women's Gymnastics in a non boycotted Olympics.  Shortly after her return to the USA, Carly discovered she had several bulging discs in her back and made the difficult decision to retire from the sport.


In the years that followed, she pursued a career in music, went to college, and got married, all while grappling with the question: what do you do when your greatest accomplishment is behind you?


Her achievements as a gymnast and the opportunities she pursued after retiring have given Carly a unique perspective on success, fulfillment, and taking risks that she shares with audiences through her speaking engagements.

Having What It Takes:

30,000 Hours Of Practice + 100s Competitions (throughout 11 years) = 3 Olympic Medals

Career Highlights Include: 

2004     Olympic Gold Medalist: All-Around 

2004     Olympic Silver Medalist: Team 

2004     Olympic Silver Medalist: Beam 

2004     U.S. National Co-Champion

2004     Visa American Cup Champion

2003     World Championships: Gold Medal Team

2003     World Championships: Silver Medal All-Around 

2003     Visa American Cup Champion

2002     U.S. Junior National Champion


Carly shares how she redefined success through three principles she learned as a championship-level gymnast and in the years that followed. Carly’s authentic, humorous, and down-to-earth communication style is the perfect vehicle for a message that students, athletes, and professionals need to hear in order to embrace true success and find lasting fulfillment.


Carly loves to stay involved in the sport that gave her so much. One of those ways is getting to meet and train young gymnasts at gymnastics camps or clinics.

Through this Carly is able to pass along any wisdom that she learned in her career in hopes it help shape the next generation of gymnasts .


“We couldn’t have asked for a better closing keynote speaker than Carly. Carly closed out our conference with a lot of heart, laughs and a few surprising tears, which I believe is what truly makes a great keynote – those sneak up on you tears. She left everyone with a sense of inspiration, but also realism. Carly was motivational but in a conversational way. She made the room feel like they could have a one-on-one conversation with her. I heard nothing but great feedback. Thank you, Carly”