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From Best to Better: The Champions Guide to Skillfully Managing Change

What does it take to reach the pinnacle of success? Then, what does it take to get better? Not only will you learn practical insights from Olympic Gold medal gymnast, Carly Patterson, you will be drawn into a story of resilience, winning in a competitive environment and enjoying the journey along the way. Carly went on to apply the same drive and determination that took her to the highest podium to becoming a recording artist, entrepreneur and mom. Her speech, From Best to Better is a moving experience of excellence, reinvention and peace of mind. Key attendee takeaways: *Resiliency in the face of uncertainty and adversity  *Not letting your achievements define you *Conquering your fears and leveling up *Letting your setbacks be a setup

Tenacity, Grace and Grit: A Story of Stubborn Determination, Resilience, & the Pursuit of Excellence

In her keynote address, Carly shares how she redefined success through three principles she learned as a championship-level gymnast and in the years that followed. Carly’s authentic, humorous, and down-to-earth communication style is the perfect vehicle for a message that students, athletes, and professionals need to hear in order to embrace true success and find lasting fulfillment. Key attendee takeaways: *Courage to take your “What’s next” step *How to stay focused and move towards your goals *Embracing the spark *Making decisions from a place of freedom and not fear

Custom Keynotes

Carly takes her time to get to know her audience, her clients and events. She will take her time to customize her keynote so it's best suited for your attendees. Carly is happy to bring her Olympic medals and do a meet & greet/autographs/pictures with attendees. ​ If you are looking for faith based keynote....look no further! Carly can customize her message and share insights on how God played and continues to play a roll in her life, helping you and your attendees reafirm faith and get closer to God.

Want Carly at your event? 

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